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  1. They can’t even get this right. Sean Kelly, on the right in the picture, is not, and never has been the State Secretary of the Labor Party in Tasmania. He is a former President of the state branch. The current State President is Geoff Butler. The State Secretary is John Dowling.
    An examination of the Tasmanian Branch website would have revealed that in a matter of seconds…

    Posted by George Harris aka woodworker  on  01/07/09  at  09:42 AM
  2. Why would Seantor Brown want to co-operate with commenting, as soon as she does the ALP with their typical mysogyny will demand her resignation, while leaving Kons and Green ‘in situ’.
    It is obvious to anyone outside the ALP that the treatment of their female members is vastly different to their treatment of male members of parliament.
    Note Kons an admitted liar, stays, Ritchie goes with parts of her family ASAP, Brian ‘not innocent’ Green, stays, and Wriedt gets exposed and eliminated.
    Is this how we want Tasmania to work, with a ruling political party that behaves like a bikie gang. Codes of silence, forced co-operation, intimidation of members to stand together, sending recalitrants to Coventry and persecution of the members at their weakest moments. Favors for party helpers, nepotism, cronyism. Factional fights, selection of thugs mental and physical to keep the members in line and its all ok until someone finds out. What type of person actually finds membership of this organization attractive.
    The ALP has truly failed here and the results are a state with the worst education system in Australia, the worst health system and gaming out of control, big business receiving benefits, the poor sidelined, infrastructure a total failure in terms of applications and forsight, corruption in many forms, ignorant and untrained Ministers of State, Ministers and ministries fighting the public.
    Senator Brown, should be running scared, as far away from her ‘brothers and sisters’ as is possible.

    Posted by Greg James  on  01/07/09  at  11:00 AM
  3. I don’t suppose they got the bit about the senator refusing to answer perfectly legitimate questions about how taxpayers’ money is being used wrong too, did they woody? That would be a comfort.

    Posted by dev  on  01/07/09  at  11:44 AM
  4. Maybe females in the ALP are just more capable of taking responsibility for their mistakes.

    Posted by dev  on  01/07/09  at  02:19 PM
  5. Woody, you’d better dispute the caption with your union brotherhood, as it was uploaded by the National Executive of the ASU (Australian Services Union).

    Posted by Peter  on  01/07/09  at  03:46 PM
  6. Excellent summary Greg.

    Sadly these unfortunate characteristics appear in many ALP organisations around Australia.

    It’s impossible to see how a country run by a party that exhibits these characteristics can be described as a ‘representative democracy’ unless it means representative of the worst in our ‘culture’.

    Posted by Mike Bolan  on  01/07/09  at  03:46 PM
  7. It would come as a surprise to many Tasmanians that this island has two Senators Brown. The one on this thread has been keeping a very low profile. That’s the thing about Labor isn’t it? Liberal too. Keep your bum on the seat and keep your mouth shut until told what to say.

    Posted by Bob McMahon  on  01/07/09  at  05:19 PM
  8. Re #7, But what about the Green Brown? Opening his mouth ad nauseum, endlessly spouting the greatest load of utterly indefensible utter fucking nonsense!

    Posted by George Harris aka woodworker  on  01/07/09  at  11:24 PM
  9. Er, woody, I’d be looking a little closer to home to find someone who fits that description if I were you, and I do daily give thanks that I’m not you.

    Posted by dev  on  02/07/09  at  09:30 AM
  10. #9;  the pot calling the kettle black…

    Posted by Christopher Purcell  on  02/07/09  at  10:09 AM
  11. So your ideal pollie would be someone who says absolutely nothing - just sits there like a log of wood, eh Woodjerker? Until some ALP heavy (AKA the CFMEU) flicks the on-switch and provides the song sheet. I must say I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment expressed in comment #9.

    And give me ten Senator B. Browns any day - at least the man has a conscience. But you just view life through foul-mouthed ALP coloured glasses, don’t you George, so it is pretty pointless engaging with you.

    Posted by Annie  on  02/07/09  at  01:39 PM
  12. Ooops! another late night indiscretion. (#9). Broken my new year’s resolution - again! I didn’t remember typing that expletive, and then I saw it late this safternoon…  Geez, it really gets ‘em going, doesn’t it?
    I really do mean it, though. In the last couple of weeks he has said something so fundamentally stupid and misinformed it breaks records, even for him. I am sure many Green supporters will think he has gone too far when they fully comprehend the implications, but then they will forgive and excuse him. What will they say? Will they say he didn’t mean it? (which is bullshit), or will they say he doesn’t have executive power so it doesn’t matter? Don’t you feel sorry for Nick McKim for the situation it puts him in, when Bob Brown says something that stupid? (if this is too cryptic for you, see my post on June 29, headed ‘Pathetic!’)

    Posted by George Harris aka woodworker  on  02/07/09  at  10:37 PM
  13. Fine, thanks Emily.

    Posted by George Harris aka woodworker  on  03/07/09  at  12:01 PM
  14. We are yet to be convinced that Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde, aka woodworker is actualy submitting some of his own work - When he can pretend to be lucid - too off the mark in comparison to his normal all destroying nature.

    Posted by Claire and Charles Gilmour  on  03/07/09  at  02:02 PM
  15. Au contraire, Calaire and Charles, woody’s speaking fluent redneck. Whenever you hear the word “misinformed”, what you’re hearing is shorthand for “you seem to have a pretty good idea what’s going on, prepare to be misinformed, after which you will encounter a barrage of mostly incoherent lies and spin, some gleaned from various “scientific reports” commissioned to confuse the issue as much as possible in much the way that smoking wasn’t bad for you all those years.

    Don’t blame woody, like most redneck footsoldiers, he’s just doing his best to pass on spin that he’s most likely thick enough to believe himself. Note that he doesn’t actually mention what exactly he thinks Bob Brown said that was stupid and misinformed, he is simply conditioned to launch into one of his diatribes every time he sees a trigger like “Bob Brown” or “forest destruction”.

    It’s quite endearing when you understand it.

    Posted by brad  on  05/07/09  at  11:31 PM





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