Adani and the War Over Coal

Rosina Di Marzo | Publicity Manager | NewSouth Books
16.08.18 1:02 pm


“Ideological fervour, propaganda, lies and institutional corruption have been the quartet of forces orchestrated by the fossil fuel power network that created and sustained the proposal to build the Carmichael mine. Employment has been the fig leaf of justification for the project.”

So begins the conclusion of Quentin Beresford’s Adani and the War Over Coal, an insightful and searing new book that delves into the social, environmental, economic and political elements of the conflict over coal in this country.

Coal is the political, economic and cultural totem for debates about climate change. Yet Australian politicians have had a love affair with coal, which has helped lock our politics – and our country – into the fossil fuel age.

Beresford takes apart the pivotal role of the Adani Carmichael mine in the conflict over coal. We see the rise of a fossil fuel power network linking mining companies, mining oligarchs, the big four banks, right-wing think tanks, lobby groups and all sides of Australian politics. On the other side, we have one of the biggest social movements ever seen in Australia in the form of #StopAdani uniting to try to save the Great Barrier Reef, native title rights and to fight the corrupt politics of coal.

This book, available now, tells the full story of one of the lightning rod issues of our time.

Adani and the War Over Coal will be launched on 30 August by Bob Brown. Fullers Bookshop will be hosting the event.

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