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This is the day the state Labor party died.

It may win seats in the coming election but it is now a dead man walking.

It is only a matter of time before it will disappear altogether.

The Labor Party’s heroin pamphlet HERE is a deliberate lie. It is not a misinterpretation, or a foolish error, or an incorrect ministerial reply, but a thought-out deliberate lie. With that lie has gone the last vestige of Labor’s moral position or purpose.

These have been sold to the devil of political expediency.

A political party that lies so blatantly also gives away all reason to exist.  Political parties in democracies can only exist on the life blood of moral positions that come out of the constituency they represent.

Who does the Labor Party think it represent - people who deliberately tell deliberate lies?

Yet the Labor Party had been a progressive moral force in this state for most of the twentieth century. But over the last two decades the strength of that moral force has been slowly depleted by successive Premiers who have been giving away their constituency to the Greens by being too smart by half.

Now with this announcement that truth is not part of its platform the Labor Party also announces that it has no moral position at all and therefore has not reason to exist.


Andrew Lohrey was once Labor Minister for Forests: HERE This comment was first made HERE

Meanwhile, Wednesday, Sue Neales, Mercury:

A BARTLETT Government MP has revolted against his own party’s tactics, as Labor stepped up its dirt campaign with anti-Green “robocalls”.

Sitting Franklin MP Ross Butler last night said he could no longer sit quietly as Labor resorted to distasteful scare campaigns in its desperation to win Saturday’s state election.

“I think it is dishonest, juvenile and counter-productive, and impairs the image of the entire Labor Party,” Mr Butler said.

Labor yesterday followed up its 40,000 leaflets warning of an alleged secret plan by the Greens to legalise heroin with 20,000 phone calls.

The recorded robocalls feature the voice of Montrose “mum and mother-of-two” Glenys Lindner saying she is ringing about the Greens’ “dangerous” ideas.

She repeats the strongly denied claims that the Greens want to give criminals the vote and make heroin legal.

The robocalls prompted many angry phone calls to the Mercury yesterday and the Electoral Commission fielded dozens of complaints from outraged Tasmanians angry at their privacy being invaded.

They wanted to know if the messages contravened the Electoral Act.

Mr Butler was outraged his party had stooped so low.

“I’m so angry [and] frustrated. This is a style of politics that is not appropriate and should have no place in Tasmania in this modern and sophisticated age,” Mr Butler said. “It is just not in accordance with the basic political values and instincts of Tasmanians about how they want to see their politics conducted.”

The Greens’ drugs policy states there are no prohibited drugs the party wants to legalise, and the Greens have a get-tough-on-drugs policy backed by serious criminal penalties.

Greens campaign manager Karen Cassidy labelled Labor’s last-minute scare tactics as “smacking of desperation”.

Labor state secretary John Dowling yesterday made no apology for the use of “robocalls” and said the party would use a “range of strategies” in the next three days. He denied the recorded messages were invasive or counterproductive.

“When the Tasmanian community makes its decision on Saturday, we will see whether they have been effective or not,” Mr Dowling said.

Mr Butler, who became a new Labor MP after the resignation of Premier Paul Lennon in 2008, accused the party of deliberately distorting parliamentary records, and being dishonest as it tried to misrepresent the Greens’ policies.

Electoral Commissioner Bruce Taylor confirmed there were no electoral laws controlling political phone calls.

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