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First published August 27

The genesis to Liftstraightup was a charity called Lift for Lily. We had a series of music events to raise money to buy a fit-for-purpose vehicle for Lily’s Family.

Lily is 11 years old and suffers from a condition called Lissencephaly. This condition causes severe epileptic seizures and extreme delayed neurological development.

Lily is severely affected by this condition and is unable to walk,talk or feed herself. She is totally dependant on her Mother.

Her sister has the same condition with less impact to her life but is still very dependent on her mother and extended Family.

The first concert we had was a huge success thankfully and many people attended and it just so happened campaigning had started for a State election.

On the day a politician turned up and handed over a cheque.

I was the organiser and asked him if he wanted to get up and say a few words which he declined choosing to buy an ice cream for his daughters and keep moving on with their day.

This story of rare humility by a politician has been repeated to me by people who were not there and facts have been confused and embellished.

The one thing that has not been blurred by the Bush Telegraph , still in this modern age the most powerful form of communication is the politician’s name.

The story gets injected into the community discourse every now and then as this politician appears around town at coffee shops or sporting events etc.

It will be part of how he is remembered.

Sometimes it is the ability to be in a room and not the centre of attention that carries far greater weight than a thousand signs plastered all over the countryside.

This anonymous politician (there is an oxymoron for you) should be running the State Liberal Party and the Government. This story has been amplified by other anecdotes of his character and the way he approaches his portfolio. Perhaps he would like to identify himself ...

We are currently involved with a few families who need a combined $100,000 to get through their struggles and we have $.08 in the bank. This equation of “NEED / Capacity to give ” is by no
means unique to us.

Lily’s mother, Kylie , is now one of our board members looking after the families that come onto our radar.

She is able to identify with the emotions and conflicts people have when their situation goes beyond what a family can handle financially and they need to turn to charity for help.

Kylie has just got married to a wonderful man who has been a great help and the vehicle that was arranged for the family has made life a little easier.

If the current cohort of ambitious fuckheads running for State Parliamentt could take a lesson from this person we would all be better off.

I choose a different off ramp to go home now that a particular 6m x 9m Sign has been erected near Devonport. I fear others driving their RVs around Tasmania could have a stronger and more dangerous reaction to being assaulted by a large head leering at them.

As I travel around the greater North West area the same billboard appears in every town like a multiplying cancerous cell

I mean if they all looked like Brad Pitt and Julia Zemiro then a few signs would be OK but unfortunately most of them look like villians from Dr Who.

One description a little cruel is “For a such a small head in scale of the rest of his body - to still be empty is hard to comprehend! “

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*Jason Hearn is the founder of Liftstraightup, Tassie Livestyle Guide and The Occasional Market