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Like many I was shocked at the Four Corners program on Sept 12, 2016 about drug rehab centres. 

So I looked closely at Teen Challenge Tasmania Inc. (TCT), as they are converting the Meander Primary School into a “Home of Hope” rehab centre. 

It is a faith-based organisation that will “accept any applicant who is willing to work within the program guidelines which are informed by Christian principles”.  The FAQ section on their webpage distances TCT from any church, stating that it is a non-denominational entity, so why is it that:

• On the Assemblies of God (USA) official website, Teen Challenge is listed as one of their US Missions See

• Global Teen Challenge (which TCT is part of) is simply the extension of the USA organisation worldwide.  See , see ‘About Us’/’Our Story’

• The Assemblies of God connection is also evident in TCT’s oft-quoted work of Aaron Bicknesse on Teen Challenge’s rehabilitation “success”.  This work was done at Northwestern University in the USA, a very small private university formally affiliated with the Assemblies of God.  See

• TCT says they established in 22 January 2015, yet in 2008 TCT was operating a residential rehab centre for men at Ellendale, operating as ‘Live Free Tassie’. 

In December 2012, Launch Youth Inc. & Live Free Tassie merged to become Pathways Tasmania Inc. 

Their website ( ) ‘About Us’ section also says: “In December 2015, we closed the doors to Live Free and in February 2016, we opened in partnership with Velocity Church, Hobart, the first Transformations Centre in Tasmania.”

Velocity Church is part of the Apostolic Church Australia, a Pentecostal denomination, like Assemblies of God.

The links with Pentecostal churches, especially the Assemblies of God, are irrefutable ...  So I don’t trust the other things Teen Challenge Tasmania says. 

*Karen Hillman retired to Meander just over three years ago from Perth, Western Australia.  Prior to that I was an owner and Director of a marine environmental consultancy in Perth (Oceanica Consulting Pty Ltd, now BMT Oceanica).  I was an environmental consultant for over 20 years. I did my PhD at the University of Western Australia.  My husband and I are ‘climate refugees’ – the heat and dryness of WA got too much.  We moved to Meander because we fell in love with the climate, the scenery and the soil.  We were shocked at the Meander Valley Council’s lack of consultation about Teen Challenge’s Home of Hope in Meander …

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