Image for Premier’s winning greyhound saved from execution

Toolong Terror Returns From the Grave

The Tasmanian Greens today revealed that the greyhound Toolong Terror, owned by the Premier David Bartlett and his Little Ricky syndicate, had been saved from execution shortly after a question was asked in Parliament about the extraordinary intervention of the Director of Racing to reverse the disqualification of Toolong Terror from a race that the dog won on 2 April 2009.

Greens Racing spokesperson Kim Booth MP said there appears to be quite a coincidence in timing with the Director of Racing’s intervention to reverse Toolong Terror’s disqualification, the asking of a question about the issue in Parliament, and the decision to send this winning greyhound off for execution.

Mr Booth also noted that animal activist Emma Haswell was able to intervene in this case and adopt Toolong Terror, preventing his euthanasia, and that Ms Haswell and Toolong Terror will be waiting on the lawns of Parliament House this afternoon for a reunion with the Premier.

“Shortly after a question was asked in Parliament about the winning greyhound Toolong Terror, the Little Ricky syndicate of which Premier Bartlett is a member sent the dog off for execution, and it was only the intervention of Emma Haswell that saved Toolong Terror from being put down,” said Mr Booth.

“Sadly, the syndicate sent a double-winner off for execution – why did this occur shortly after a question was asked about the unprecedented intervention of the Director of Racing?”

“Why was the gentle Toolong Terror not put up for adoption under the Greyhound Adoption Program rather than being disposed of? This raises both probity and animal welfare issues that I expect the Premier to address.”

“Why did the Director of Racing intervene to reverse what appeared to be a quite rightful disqualification of the dog due to issues surrounding his ownership?”

“Will the Premier go outside the House today and meet with the dog that his syndicate sent for execution, as well as the brave animal activist who has now rescued Toolong Terror?,” asked Mr Booth.