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*Image: Graphic prepared by Kim Peart

In the last Legislative Council election, for Pembroke, the Liberal machine ran a negative campaign, targeting the age of Clarence Mayor Doug Chipman. [1]

Liberal state director Sam McQuestin wrote to party members, “No-one likes doing negative campaigns, but the facts are, they work.” [2]

Seeing the error of their ways, and poor judgement, the humans behind the Liberal machine apologised to Doug Chipman for their negative ageist attacks. [3]

Mayor Chipman accepted the apology, and so the dust settled on another fight for a seat in the Legislative Council.

That both Liberal and Labor run candidates in Upper House seats in Tasmania, reveals a desire to gain passage for legislation passed in the Lower House, turning the Tasmanian House of Review into a rubber stamp.

As a candidate in a run for the newly created Upper House seat of Prosser, I have run a serious campaign, sending invitations to community meetings to every voter in Prosser, being held in Ross, Sorell, Bagdad, Oatlands, Eaglehawk Neck and Swansea.

I had hoped to see a fair campaign in Prosser, where there is a funding limit of $16,500 for each candidate.

There is no limit to campaign expenses in Tasmania’s Lower House.

A humungous level of donations flowed into the Liberal coffers during the recent State election, much said to be from the gambling machine lobby.

The Liberal campaign machine grew large with advertising, including placards to create a sea of blue across the island.

The Liberal candidate in Prosser recently ran in the State election, so all the candidate’s election placards remained in place, with a “Prosser” sticker stuck over “Lyons”, and all those placards for Lyons outside of Prosser, have been drawn in to keep the theme of sea blue Liberal splashing around Prosser.

As the expenditure period for Prosser began on January 1st, and as no party funded materials can be used in an Upper House election, we can now but wonder if there will be a legal cloud over all those placards.

Many of those “Prosser” stickers were stuck on crooked, some crinkled. [4]

Such is the art of hammering the voter.


Campaigning in Sorell yesterday, I was amazed at the number of Liberal vehicles roaming around and parked in the town.

The previous day there had been a radio debate for Prosser in Oatlands, which the Liberal candidate did not attend, but a campaign car for the candidate was parked across the road. [5]

That might be called absentee campaigning.

When I met the Liberal candidate on the street in Sorell, I was able to ask her where she was yesterday.

Perhaps a new strategy was being cooked up, which was more vital than meeting the people and facing the media scrutiny in Oatlands.

Psephologist Kevin Bonham noted the absence of the candidate in Oatlands, and also observed, “17 minutes after the debate concluded, Howlett’s Facebook page was updated with a call for mandatory sentencing for “paedophiles” (complete with petition), though it is unknown to me whether she posted it or someone else.” [6]

In company of Adam Brooks MP in Sorell, and when the candidate and I were discussing the housing crisis with a real estate agent, Adam tossed in the emotive and volatile hand grenade of mandatory sentencing for paedophiles, and that they, the Hodgman Liberal Government, need the Liberal candidate for Prosser in the Upper House, so they could get legislation through.

It became quite clear, that the Liberal aim in Prosser, is to begin to turn the Tasmanian Upper House from a House of Review, into a Government “Rubber Stamp”.

Is this acceptable to the Tasmanian voter in Prosser?

Is this negative campaigning taken to another level?

I pointed out to the MP and the candidate, that we need to be very careful with law, and cited the case of Clarence Alderman David Traynor, who was convicted of being a sex offender, come paedophile, and was put on the sex offenders’ register.

His crime was once possessing on his computer, which had been deleted but remained on the harddrive, a legally obtainable book, from a bookshop, or library, that had been written 130 years ago. [7]

Rather than running negative fear campaigns, the Liberals would do far better to make sure current legislation is just and reasonable.

David Traynor was able to clear his name, but I wonder how many others, similarly charged and convicted, would now be subjected to mandatory sentencing under this new Liberal vision of law.

Will the Prosser voter see through the Liberal Party election machine, and vote to keep the Upper House as a House of Review?

If Liberal Party funding, flowing on from the Lyons election into Prosser, buys an Upper House seat, it will be a sad day for democracy in Tasmania.


Should we wonder at the timing, happening right now with a week to go in the Prosser campaign, of the Police issuing a framework for legislation to target bikies. [8]

This proposed legislation is up for public comment until May 11th.

Is this another matter that the Liberal Party is blitzkrieging Prosser over, to secure a rubber stamp for legislation?

When Campbell Newman was Premier of Queensland, he was in a position of unchallenged power.

This was because the Labor Party had successfully abolished the Queensland Upper House in 1922. [9]

When legislation was passed in the wee dark hours to target bikies in Queensland, there was no house of review to scrutinise the legislation, and help to get it right.

The laws passed like a breeze, and turned Queensland into something of a Police State, where some citizens were treated differently in the eyes of the law and the exercise of justice.

When a librarian was arrested for being in a bar, and her home raided, the absurdity of the mad VLAD laws revealed an insanity of justice in action. [10]

The stench then gathering around Campbell Newman saw him lose his seat, and the conservatives marched out of office at the next election.

Even calling such laws VLAD brought up visions of Vlad the Impaler and vampires.

Is Tasmania about to be forced down this path?

Will Premier Hodgman tarnish his reputation, with mad VLAD style legislation, which treats some citizens differently.


Voters in Prosser and Hobart have a challenge before them, to ensure that the Legislative Council remains a strong house of review, and is not turned into a rubber stamp for the Government.

The Liberal Government should get out of the negative campaign business, and be thankful that an independent Upper House will check the spelling on Government legislation, and help them avoid political suicide.

Telling any free citizen who they can talk to, or be in the same room with, is the role of a dictator.

Limiting freedom of association among free citizens, will begin to roll Tasmania into a dictator state, and return to the dark days of Van Diemen’s Land, when the State was under military rule as a penal colony.

Let law be strong and just, and apply to all citizens fairly.

This should apply to bankers and financial advisers as well.

The current Royal Commission into our banks is revealing a level of criminal activity that is absolutely shocking to hear and read of.

Rather than taking the colours off the backs of the bikies, should colours be forced by law onto bankers, so we can know when we are speaking with financial wolves and thieves who wreck lives.

All too often to date, the government has been protecting the bankers.

I wonder how many good citizens have been driven to suicide by criminal bankers?

I wonder how many good citizens have ended up homeless because of criminal bakers?

I wonder how many children have ended up on the street because of criminal bankers?

I wonder if targeting bikers and sex offenders with special laws, that apply to no other citizen, is more of a legal smokescreen, helping to hide the crimes of criminal bankers.

The banks have been running the real racket in this nation, so should they be declared “criminal gangs” and have laws of association applied to them?

The Hodgman Liberal Government was in power for four years ... so how did they manage to create a housing crisis?

Should I be elected in Prosser, I will be fighting to fix the housing crisis, and end homelessness on this island.

I will be calling on all elected representatives in this State to ensure that no child is without a home.

The Government can run a successful economy, and that can be celebrated, but all representatives have a primary obligation to ensure that the people are OK.

There are solutions to every problem, if members of parliament, and local councillors, are interested. [11]

When people vote, they can call on all elected representatives to get interested, and make sure that the people are OK.

We need solid law that applies to all citizens, not just to some, as now proposed by the Government on two fronts.

We need a Fair Go for all citizens, and all children.

Running an economy that allows any child to be homeless, is the real crime, as homeless children are at risk of abuse on the street.

Should politicians be forced by law to wear gang colours, when they run an economy that allows children to end up on the street?

Or in a tent at Elwick?


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I took the battle to fix the housing crisis to a Northern Midlands Council meeting recently, addressing the Councillors.
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ABOUT Kim Peart ~  Born in 1952, Kim was raised in Howrah when it was farmland, played in the old fort in Bellerive, and rode the old ferries to Hobart to go to movies. Kim plied the life of a visual artist, with a studio in the Salamanca Arts Centre, and then in Murdunna, and later in Bellerive in the old bakery. In 2007 Kim was listed among Tasmania’s top 200 movers and shakers for “An urban bushland conservationist who has worked tirelessly over the years to maintain walking tracks and protect wildlife from the encroachment of bush-front housing developments.” Kim is campaigning for an Australian Convict Trail, with the Tasmanian leg running from the ferry in Devonport to Port Arthur, along with foot and cycle paths by Tasmania’s highways and roads. After being at the launch of an Australian Space Agency last September, Kim is seeking ways to create employment, careers and new enterprise in Tasmania with the global space industry. Kim now lives in Ross, with his wife Jennifer, and a small tribe of alpacas.

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