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Tally ho!  Well, well, well!  A fox is found, and what is the reaction?  Looking at the comment thread on the Mercury (before even DPIPWE’s Invasive Species Branch can investigate Sunday’s find), our fox intelligentsia has said it all. 

Here’s one typical comment:

”Ho Hum..this was predictable of course. Just when you have the pressure on you produce the countering ‘evidence’.”  (see the Mercury article and various comments at [Here]. )

So where is the evidence of a conspiracy?  The much vaunted Dean Dossier didn’t show it, in my view.  The cops did nothing about it except throw it in the wastepaper bin, where it remained until Ivan Dean publicly said that he would hate to think that political pressure would be responsible for his snail-pace complaint being stonewalled:

“I would be extremely disappointed if there has been political interference behind the decision not to investigate yet.” (see Helen Kempton’s April article [Here])


Of course, readers will recall that his complaint was finally reviewed and that Tas Police publicy announced that …

Tuesday, 11 October 2016 - 10:15 am.

Tasmania Police has completed a review of documentation relating to the Fox Eradication Program.

The review determined that no criminal offence has been committed.

The complainant has been advised of the outcome.

The review has been provided to the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment, for their consideration. The Integrity Commission has been advised of the outcome.

Glenn Frame. Assistant Commissioner

In my opinion, paranoid, skeptical reaction to this October 30 discovery of another dead fox on our Tasmanian roads, shows a blind, stubborn and wishful lack of thinking.

We know there have been foxes here on our island, from time to time.  Some of our best field naturalists have seen them, and have been questioned/derided for coming forward.  Whether there was a deliberate introduction of foxes into the Longford area is uncertain.  Police could not find evidence to corroborate this suggestion (the person-in-the-know ‘clammed up’).  Unfortunately, this investigative dead end was then claimed to suggest that Police had shown the fox-introduction claims were false

Using the same logic, we might be excused for concluding that the fabrication-of-evidence claims made in Ivan Dean’s dossier (Comment challenged and deleted) were also false.  Either way, it seems we have another fox found dead on our roads.

*Garry Stannus is an occasional contributor and regular commenter to Tasmanian Times. His interests include environmental matters, politics and other miscellanea. He’s a youthful 65, lives and works in the North (Liffey and Lonnie) drives an old grey ute and rides a bike to get from A to B when he’s in town.

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