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The Tasmanian Greens today released their energy policy initiative to keep power at home.

“Keeping power in Tasmania is of more economic benefit to the state than exporting it to the mainland,” said Greens Energy Spokesperson Kim Booth MP. 

“Keeping power in Tasmania lowers the overall price of electricity which generates more jobs and a ensures a better standard of living for all Tasmanians.”

“At the Energy Users Association forum this morning, both the Labor and Liberal parties announced their support for a second Basslink cable.”

“The current Basslink cable has already driven power prices up.”

“Basslink costs $92 million every year on rent alone and has justified an expansionist Hydro Tasmania to risk taxpayer money with their retail ventures on the mainland and overseas.”

“Hydro Tasmania is already sitting on a ticking time bomb due to wind farm expansions that had no business case. The wind farm Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) that Hydro Tasmania entered into with Chinese owners, Shenhua, will cost the Tasmanain taxpayer almost $100 million over the next six years.”

“Basslink also provides a base load opportunity for dirty coal generators on the mainland to dump surplus power using Tasmania’s Hydro dams as convenient batteries, adding to carbon emissions profile for Tasmania.”

“The Tasmanian Greens do not support a second Basslink.  Tasmania’s energy sector should be focused on providing affordable, secure and clean power to Tasmanians.”

“The Expert Electricity Panel advised that Tasmania does not need any more electricity until 2028 and if a major industrial decides to leave the state we will have surplus electricity.”

“Any surplus electricity should be provided to the Tasmanian economy to push power prices down for all electricity consumers rather than used by Hydro Tasmania to play in the market place with taxpayer money.”

“Driving power prices down will stimulate the economy and ease the cost of living for many Tasmanians. It will also make the transition to renewable technology such as electric cars competitive as electricity will be at the same price or lower than the cost of petrol.”

“This Alice in wonderland push by the Liberal and Labor parties for a second Basslink will be another energy sector disaster and cost all Tasmanians dearly.  There is no evidence to support the cable either financially nor environmentally.”