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First published March 13

On Sunday 11 March I announced my candidacy as an Independent for the Legislative Council Seat of Hobart.

Hobart is a great place to live. Nestled between the mountain and the river, we have much to be thankful for. However, we face our fair share of challenges and to best address these we need hardworking Independent Members of Parliament with new ideas and new energy to scrutinise government and hold political parties to account.

One issue that is in drastic need of immediate action is the housing crisis forcing local families to live in tents.

I have written to Premier Will Hodgman in advance of the housing summit planned for this week, outlining how a portion of land at Macquarie Point should be dedicated towards construction of affordable housing, and setting out why this idea should be put firmly on the crisis summit table.

My proposal is for the Tasmanian Government to require that 10% of residences built at Macquarie Point be affordable housing (as defined in the State Government’s Affordable Housing Strategy).

Building affordable housing at Macquarie Point is a win-win-win.

It would help provide more Tasmanian families with an affordable place to live.

It would increase social inclusion by bringing people from different backgrounds and cultures into the heart of our city.

It would help combat traffic congestion because someone living at Macquarie Point and working in the Hobart CBD would be able to walk to work and leave their car at home.

Richard Griggs
Independent Candidate for Legislative Council Seat of Hobart
For more of my policies:
Polling day is 5 May 2018

Copy of Letter to Premier Hodgman, 11 March 2018 ...


*Richard Griggs is the Independent Candidate for Legislative Council Seat of Hobart

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