Image for Feisty Wilkie fights pokies smear

The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, is refusing to be intimidated by a pokies industry smear campaign against his character.

``In the past two days, I’ve received a death threat, been threatened with the existence of compromising photos and am having my past as a Cadet at Duntroon nearly 30 years ago trawled over,’’ Mr Wilkie said.

``Two days ago the pokies industry commenced its campaign against my reforms to reduce problem gambling, including a $20m public disinformation campaign.

``That some in the industry would stoop to a smear campaign against me is unsurprising. 

``It says a lot more about the pokies industry than it does about Andrew Wilkie.

``Moreover the smear campaign shows that this industry, which profits enormously from human misery, will stop at absolutely nothing to prevent these historic poker machine reforms.

``While I do not intend to give a running commentary about each new accusation, what I will say is I was judged fit to graduate from Duntroon and went on to have a successful military career, reaching the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

``There’s nothing new in this – I described my Duntroon experience in a book I wrote in 2004 (Axis of Deceit) and again just last month on ABC Radio’s Conversations with Richard Fidler.

``Importantly, during my military and subsequent intelligence careers I was repeatedly security cleared and character checked to the highest levels in the country.

``Further politically and commercially motivated attacks on my character will not be deserving of a reply.”

Conversations with Richard Fidler:

Download the relevant section of Axis of Deceit: