The State Government has put Tasmania’s demographic issues in the ‘too hard’ basket
The Tasmanian Liberals have a plan to make Tasmania a population magnet and tackle our demographic challenges

Tasmania’s demographic challenges appear to be yet another issue that has been thrown in the too-hard basket by a government more concerned with short term political problems than the long term interests of our State.

Not only is Tasmania the oldest and most rapidly ageing state in Australia, but our demographic situation is made even more challenging by the high rates of young Tasmanians leaving the State.

Premier Bartlett this year celebrated our population reaching 500,000 with a beer can, but with no longer term plan to address the challenges we face.

Tasmania’s population growth is sickly compared with other Australian states.

Natalie Jackson’s new research shows Tasmania’s population has unhealthy gaps in some age groups.

I have often raised the problem that we are losing many young, skilled and educated Tasmanians interstate and overseas.

We need to look at ways to bring them back home and attract a new generation of people to our State.

My vision is of a Tasmania that, like a magnet, draws people here.

To do that we need to improve employment and educational opportunities, tackle cost of living pressures and create a more vibrant cultural social and entertainment environment for younger people.

We also need a government that has a coherent and aggressive policy to tackle population challenges and particularly the drain of our young people from the state. We are not getting that with the Bartlett Labor Government.


WILL HODGMAN Opposition Leader
Demographer Natalie Jackson again highlights the outflow of young Tasmanians