Image for Door to door community-led campaign of Taroona finds 71 per cent support for marriage equality


A large colourful banner proclaiming ‘Taroona supports Marriage Equality’ was unveiled today at Hinsby Beach, Taroona by local residents following a canvassing of every household in Taroona by members of Tasmanians United for Marriage Equality.

The doorknock of every house, apartment and flat in Taroona sought to gauge community support for federally enacted marriage equality and found 71 per cent support.

The marriage equality campaigner who co-ordinated the door-to-door petition, Benedict Bartl, said,

“Time and time again we were told by Taroona residents that love is love and that regardless of sexual orientation, all couples should be allowed to marry. Our politicians should heed the views of their local communities and pass federally-enacted marriage equality legislation.” 

Tasmanians United for Marriage Equality spokesperson, Andrew Badcock, noted that community sentiment for marriage equality was clearly in support and called on politicians to finally pass marriage equality legislation:

Door-to-door petitioning is a great way for us to talk to our fellow Tasmanians about why marriage equality matters, as well as demonstrating that the community-led campaign for marriage equality will be won.

We call on our federally elected members of parliament to do the right thing and pass marriage equality legislation. 

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Door-to-door canvassing finds 71 per cent support ...