Image for TODAY: Bob and Lindsay ride again

Back in the early 1970s, a time that saw the height of the Cold War come and pass, the flooding of Lake Pedder, and the creation of the world’s first Greens party on a little island just south of mainland Australia, a young Bob Brown would try to calm his frustrations or express his affinity with nature by writing an occasional poem.

Those original poems were lost when his house at Liffey was ransacked, but luckily a good friend of his called Fran Newman kept copies aside for a rainy day.

Thankfully that day has come, and these 14 very special poems have now been published in a little poetry book called In Balfour Street.

If you’re in Hobart on Wednesday, December 1 please come along to the launch at 6pm at Fullers Bookshop, Collins St.

Details are on the invitation below.

And if you know anyone else who might like to come along please pass on these details.


First published: 2010-11-29 02:35 AM