Image for Basslink update 5/3/2016

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The good news is:- We found the fault! (Square symbol in the middle of Bass Strait)

The bad news is:-  When we cut the cable the pressure that came out of it was phenomenal!

It flipped the vessel around in the Strait similar to when you turn on a garden hose!

It was scary; almost to the point of feeling some of that warm leakage current.

Just per chance we have a time stamped video to show what happened.

Map data ©Google Imagery 2016 ©2016 Cnea/Spot Image Digital Globe Landsat

Then it twigged. This had us seriously thinking, the cable must be full of water.

Phew! And no wonder all our water storage levels are going down. More leakage current!

They never listen; submarine cables require a $10 pressure relief valve, not all that fancy electrical protection stuff.

Watch the video HERE (err doesn’t work) ...

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