Image for April Fool’s Day ...

Looking from Brady’s Lookout towards Exeter

Looking west from Brady’s Lookout

From Grindelwald looking towards Launceston

They said it would be foggy yesterday didn’t they?

But it was April Fools Day - Burn-Baby-Burn Day. Thus the flames were unleashed ... either here, on the mainland, or both.

Fog? It doesn’t register as fog on the EPA air monitoring site.

These photos were taken in the North of the state yesterday at about 3pm ... but could have been almost anywhere in Tas.

The question remains ... is the Asthma Foundation going to stand up for its members with this evidence of the deliberate smoking and the ruination of people’s health?

It’s the same with our Environmental Health Department. It’s way past time they did something about it also ...

The latest figures released under Right To Information 17/1/2014 from DHHS Tas. These are real people made ill in Tasmania by smoke:

Lung cancer – 209, Asthma – 58100, COPD-16000, Cardiac and cardio pulmonary disease -31500, Type 2 diabetes (urban air pollution) -19814, Neonates (less than 4 weeks) – 527, Infants (less than 1 year) -5947, Elderly (65+) – 80705

David Lindenmayer, The Conversation: Forestry agreements need a full overhaul, not just a tick and flick For almost two decades, the management of forests in parts of Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales has been underpinned by state and federal Regional Forest Agreements (RFAs), defined as “20-year plans for the conservation and sustainable management of Australia’s native forests”. The broad aim of RFAs is to “provide certainty for forest-based industries, forest-dependent communities and conservation”. RFAs are now up for renewal, and it would certainly be in industry advocates’ interest for them to be simply “ticked off”, without the critical scrutiny that is clearly warranted. The RFAs need to be fully reviewed, not just renewed, because they have had highly perverse outcomes – rather than helping to ease environmental problems, the agreements have actually worsened them in some cases. The flawed Victorian Central Highlands RFA is a classic case that highlights why simply rolling over the existing RFAs would amount to mismanagement of publicly owned native forests.

• John Hawkins, in Comments: I have this week returned from Europe to find that the now banned smog conditions of Central London prevalent in the 1950’s have been visited on this so- called clean and green island. I had to drive to Sheffield from Mole Creek then on to Deloraine and Launceston. I noted that the plantations are being ripped out at the Union Bridge and the land returned to Dairy. The trip from Sheffield to Elizabeth Town was through a series of completely dead nitens plantations. From Elizabeth Town to Lonnie and back to Chudleigh through a smoke haze with many cars with their lights on so as to navigate the Bass Highway. As a final insult on Monday I was overtaken by a Log Truck on the other side of a double white Line at over 100 kms an hour ... his number plate was QT 6417 and it was labelled on the side Les Walkden; and the time was 2.35 on the Mole Creek Road near the Butter Factory. Is it worth reporting to the Police; will they do anything about it? - maybe they will now. All this could only occur in your corrupt Tasmania. Tourists ... to hell with tourists - you must always remember that Forestry Tasmania and its acolytes are the only Tasmanians who are born to rule over this public disaster.

• Chris B, in Comments: I prayed last night, not in a godly sense, but out loud for heavy rain to put out the carbon emitters that Harrassmania Limited had lit to enable the forestry destroyers to access the round logs to give at a financial loss to the peelers of logs which we can subsidise via our power accounts.

• Russell Langfield, in Comments: It was a total smog-out across the North-West too. If it was caused by FT they should be severely fined. Why do they insist on lighting green wood? In all reality, FT should be immediately dissolved because they have been a complete and utter failure for decades socially, financially and environmentally.

• Estelle Ross, in Comments: I looked out of my window in Riverside yesterday afternoon and could see a smoky haze across the river to Mowbray. Considering that the World Health Organisation has clearly stated that smoke particles are carcinogenic can sufferers from lung complaints sue those who are responsible for these burn-offs? If Forestry Tasmania is in financial trouble already just imagine what huge compensation bills could do!!!

Listen ... as ABC’s Richard Fidler interviews Quenton Beresford on Gunns ...

Kim Booth: Harriss Must Rule Out Further Forestry Public Subsidies in State Budget

• Shirley Brandie, Canada, in Comments: Why is this craziness even going on? People are going to become very sick and possibly some will die because of the pollution from these burns. I am disgusted that this type of behavior continues to go on even when they know that the smoke is cancer causing. People need to group together and raise hell or this will never end.