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First published May 14

Landowner consent for Dover woodchip port

The Wilderness Society notes two key issues with regard the granting of ‘landowner consent’ for the lodgement of a Development Application (DA) for a proposed woodchip port at Dover in Tasmania’s far south.

1. What land is the statement talking about? Contrary to the DPIPWE statement that this proposal pertains to ‘unreserved Crown Land’, the Government’s own LISTMAP service identifies the land required for this proposal as:

• ‘Informal Reserve on Permanent Timber Production Zone Land or Forestry Tas. managed Land’  (this land was declared a reserve following community consultation in the 2000s, to protect Dover’s viewfield)

• ‘Informal Reserve on other public land’ ie coastal reserve

• and probably also (depending on exact location) Future Potential Production Zone Land, which is informally reserved
(see picture)

2. There is currently not a duly elected Council in the Huon Valley to assess this DA. If this DA is to be submitted, considering the public interest and controversy, use of reserved land and other associated issues, logic and due process would suggest it reasonable to await the election of a properly constituted Council.

The Wilderness Society believes the proposal for a woodchip port at Dover is a bad outcome for the the town itself, the local and broader environment and industry.

‘At a time when Tasmania needs new solutions for the challenges it faces, sacrificing swift parrot habitat and the emerging identity of Dover by locking-in long-term woodchipping of plantations and native forests is simply the lowest common denominator.’

Greens: Courtney Gives Tick for Controversial Woodchip Port

Letter to Sarah Courtney on Southwood Fibres Export Facility, Strathblane … Our area has been going from strength to strength with tourism & aquaculture working together to provide new future for people in the area. This development threatens both! …

Annie Venables, Producer, Viking Films:  To Sarah Courtney ... on the DA for Southwood Fibres Export Facility Strathblane I am deeply saddened by the news that the Liberal Govt has given consent for Crown Land i.e. public land to be used by a private developer for a wood chip port at Dover. What right does the Govt have to do this without consultation of the community that will bear the brunt of this development? A development that will cost local jobs, degrade the environment and turn what could be Tasmania’s most beautiful coastal town into an industrial wood chip port. The beautiful bay will be trashed, log trucks will clog our roads - one every 5 minutes, and the peaceful nature of the town will be ruined with bulldozers operating 24/7 …