The WikiLeaks Party congratulates Kevin Rudd on his elevation to Leader of the Australian Labor Party and Prime Minister elect.

We would urge Mr Rudd to stand by his early defense of WikiLeaks Editor-In-Chief and Victorian Senate Candidate Julian Assange, when he tempered the now infamous prejudicial, inaccurate and hyperbolic statements from former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, when he made the following statement on 13th December 2010:

“First of all, in Australia we are a nation of laws and therefore the normal procedures which apply to any such matter would be first of all obtain a report and recommendations from the AFP and other Australian judicial and regulatory authorities.”

The WikiLeaks Party now calls on Mr Rudd to exercise some of Australia’s considerable diplomatic and political capital to insist Swedish investigators use the mutual legal assistance protocols to interview Mr Assange in the UK. This would of course then enable Mr Assange to return to Australia and campaign in the forthcoming federal election

Prime Minister Rudd is one of a small group of Australian politicians who has previously spoken out in defense of Mr Assange’s human rights and legal rights.

“The Wikileaks Party now calls on Prime Minister Rudd to put the interests of this Australian citizen before Australia’s interests with the United States”, says WikiLeaks Party Spokesperson, Sam Castro.

“The WikiLeaks Party notes that despite a change in leadership of the ALP today, the entrenched culture of secrecy and treating the parliament as a rubber stamp has not changed.”

“The WikiLeaks Party presents to the Australian people in this forthcoming election campaign an alternative view of democracy in Australia based on the values of transparency, accountability and greater respect for the rights of all Australians”, says WikiLeaks Party Campaign Director, Greg Barns.