• Cabinet Minister quote sums up Libs’ attitude towards housing crisis

• Archer rules herself out, leaving only two likely culprits

• Quote speaks volumes about the difference between Labor and Liberal parties

A quote from an article by respected journalist Charles Wooley* sums up the Liberals’ attitude towards the housing crisis and homelessness in Tasmania.

The article details concerns raised in Cabinet about the growing number of homeless people seeking refuge at the Hobart Showgrounds, which led to a “snaky retort” from a “hostile female Cabinet Minister” who said: “You are in the Liberal Party, not the Labor Party.”

Manager of Opposition Business David O’Byrne condemned the comment and said the list of candidates to have said the quote was a short one.

“The Attorney-General Elise Archer denied she made the statement in Parliament this morning,” Mr O’Byrne said.

“Ms Archer had the chance to rule out that the comment was even made but rather chose to state ‘it wasn’t me’.

“That leaves only two culprits – it was either the Minister for Women Jacquie Petrusma or the Minister for Primary Industries Sarah Courtney.

“The comment speaks volumes about the fundamental difference in compassion and decency between the Liberal and Labor parties.

“It is a disgraceful reflection on people who are doing it toughest in our community.

“So, who is the guilty party and will they own up and apologise? Or will they leave the spectre of this statement hanging over their Cabinet colleagues.

“What is clear is that the Liberals won’t take meaningful steps to solve the housing crisis because they don’t philosophically agree with helping people in need.”

* http://oldtt.pixelkey.biz/index.php/article/sue-hickey-you-are-in-the-liberal-party-not-the-labor-party