Quotes attributed to Luke Martin, TICT CEO

“The public have every right to voice their opposition to the Mt Wellington Cable Car, like they do any development proposal.

“But anyone who loves our mountain and wants the best for it need to consider the alternatives.

“Within a few years there is likely to be more than a million people heading to the summit each year.

“It is simply unsustainable to continue to have more and more vehicles and tour buses driving up a century old road to a seemingly ever-expanding car park.

“What do opponents to cable car propose we do? Shuttle buses that mean expanding the summit road? Limiting visitor numbers through some kind of entry fee or quota system?

“The fact is status quo is not a long term option and our mountain deserves better than the third world visitor infrastructure currently on the summit.

“Rather than being some “Disneyland” soliton, cable ways are globally recognised as the more environmentally sustainable and low-impact way to transport large numbers of visitors to mountain summits.

“Ironically, across the globe it is conservationists who are pushing for the development of cable way technologies.

“In Tasmania, like seemingly in so many areas, our conservation movement seems stuck in a default opposition position without even allowing the project to go through a proper assessment process.”