Paul Gilding

For 50 years the Tasmanian Conservation Trust has fought to protect our island’s special natural areas, our unique wildlife and our historic cultural heritage.

The President of the Trust Council, Michael Lynch, said it was very much a date to celebrate.

“Not only is it uncommon for small organisations that rely almost entirely on community support to last so long, but the Trust can be exceedingly proud of its track record.”

“We have achieved much in the last 50 years and we intend to be around for another 50 doing what we do best. Our achievements are impressive and wide ranging however the challenges ahead are numerous but certainly not insurmountable.”

Our successes have included stopping the Tamar Valley pulp mill; arguing in the Federal Court against an export woodchip licence for Gunns; being instrumental in the establishment of marine protected areas in Tasmanian waters; the development and implementation of historic cultural heritage legislation; and initiating a state-wide car tyre and car body clean-up.

The Trust has been at the forefront of campaigns to protect those things that make our island home so special.

We have led activities to recognise sea urchin barrens as the greatest threat to Tasmanian reefs; to reduce the number of native animals killed on our roads; to bring an environmental perspective to housing affordability; and to defend our planning system from “planning reforms” and high rise developments in Hobart and Launceston.

There is much more to be done – responsible cat ownership and cat management; stopping the use of 1080 poison; the environmental and social impacts of unplanned and unmanaged tourism; climate change.

“One of the major reasons for our survival has been our focus on looking ahead. It is part of our DNA to identify and confront potential environmental problems before they occur”, Michael Lynch said.

“That is why we have invited Paul Gilding as our guest speaker at our celebration this Thursday evening (30 August) at the Sustainable Living Centre at Hobart College, Mt Nelson.”

Paul is one of the world’s most experienced and respected authorities on the implications of sustainability and climate change for business strategy and the economy. With over 40 years experience, Paul provides deep insights into the challenges and opportunities that environmental and social trends present for society, companies and investors.

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