The following may be used as direct quotes from Kym Goodes, CEO, TasCOSS:

• Governments have forgotten they were elected to serve the people of Australia, not serve themselves and their own interests.

• The current Federal Government doesn’t exist to win the next election.  It exists to govern Australia, to do the right thing by Australians and support the needs of all members of our community.  They exist to ensure all Australians have the opportunity to live a good life.

• Leadership should be about setting up our country so Australians can thrive and be resilient for the 21st century.  Leadership should be about making good public policy decisions that recognise and celebrate the diversity of our people, from all walks of life.

• The Australian public needs to send a strong message to Canberra and elected Members of all tiers of government: You are here to serve the people and it’s time you put the interests of the Australian public ahead of your own political aspirations.