Sydney activists, student unions and community groups have called for a protest against the next Liberal leader on Sunday 26 August at 1pm at Town Hall, Sydney CBD.

Hersha Kadkol, National Union of Students (NUS) Ethnocultural Officer explained that the protest has been called in response to the #libspill that began on Tuesday.

“As soon as we heard that Dutton was making a play for leader we called this protest. We have no time for Turnbull but Dutton is a right-wing bigot who wants to use the thug tactics he learnt in the QLD police force against poor, vulnerable and racially vilified people all over Australia and to those languishing in offshore detention centres.”

Kadkol went on to say that the protest on Sunday will go ahead regardless of the result of the leadership ballot.

“Both Dutton and Morrison have been immigration ministers in the recent past. In this role they have both presided over the torture of refugees and have proudly boasted of their role in this. Morrison gloated about the fact that Australia’s “stop the boats” campaign has become a model for far right parties and governments around the world. Dutton claimed that refugees are “illiterate and innumerate” and argued that white South Africans should move to the front of the refugee “queue” in a clear dog whistle to white supremacists.”

Imogen Grant, President of the Sydney University Students Representative Council, one of the organisations that called the protest, said that the recent events inside the Liberal Party reflect a dangerous development.

“In the context of Trump and a growing far right across the globe, either result in the upcoming ballot will see the Liberal Party lurch even further to the right. We can no longer say that far right politics are embodied by minor players like Pauline Hanson and Fraser Anning. The Liberal Party wants to take their space and this raises a terrible danger for refugees, migrants, students, workers and all oppressed groups in Australia.”

“But we will not take it lying down. Abbott’s government was brought down by student and community protests and widespread public anger. We know that ordinary people in Australia don’t want a Trump wannabe for prime minister. We are putting the Liberal party and whoever leads it on notice that we will resist racism and bigotry. There will be no honeymoon after this spill.”

The protest will be held at 1pm at Town Hall on Sunday 26 August. The Facebook event is here: