The Convenor of the Tasmanian Constitution Society David Diprose today called on Tasmanians to „Pause in our Parliamentary pleasures and count our many tears”.

Tasmanian citizens were distressed by the sudden reduction in the size of the Tasmanian House of Assembly from 35 to 25 members on July 23 1998, immediately before an election and that our citizens have suffered a decline in the quality of government as a consequence.

The Tasmanian Constitution Society asks “that Parliament restore forthwith the size of the House of Assembly to 35 members so as to restore both the quality of government and confidence of all citizens in the State of Tasmania.”

The objects of the Society are
(a) the holding of forums, public meetings and conferences to invigorate the study of good governance;
(b) the publication of papers in support of the learning of the members and audiences of the Association;
(c) the examination of the Tasmanian Constitution in the pursuit of capable governance and the maintenance of effective ministries;
(d) the identification and recommendation of such reforms as the Association may from time to time determine
(e) the restoration of the Tasmanian House of Assembly from 25 to 35 members.

A February 2010 survey of election issues suggested that Invigorating Good Governance and suppressing Corruption rated ahead of Forestry, Water and Sewerage and Land Tax in the top ten election topics.

The next community meeting of the Society will be held at the Stanley Burbury Theatre at 6:30pm Tuesday 27 April 2010. The Moderator is Associate Professor Peter Chapman and the Society considers itself fortunate to have as speakers presenting a variety of informed information Michael Stokes, Andrew Wilkie and Jim Wilkinson.

Doug Lowe Premier of Tasmania 1977-1981 said that the reform process must considered, inclusive, logical and enduring and its need is urgent.