Protest outside David Coleman’s Office today August 28th

Residents gathered today outside the office of David Coleman to protest against the continued abusive policy of offshore detention.

They want all kids on Nauru and their families to be brought to Australia as an immediate first step to ending offshore detention and closing the camps.

Local resident, Emma Comley, says, “Many ordinary people are appalled by the cruelty of this policy. We want it to stop without delay and a humane policy to be put in place. We want to close the camps, permanently, and bring them here, all of them, without delay. As a nurse, I am horrified at the deliberate medical neglect and systematically induced mental illness unleashed onto people including children, who have only asked us for help”.

About thirty residents turned out today for a snap action in Coleman’s marginal seat of Banks. They say they have more plans to show that they want to see an immediate policy change. David Coleman has been appointed the new Minister for Immigration under the Scott Morrison government. The seat of Banks is currently held by a margin of 2,588 votes.