Meander Area Residents and Ratepayers Association

The Meander Area Residents and Ratepayers Association (MARRA Inc.) today released a letter sent to the Premier last week and the non-response received in reply from the Premiers office, saying that the Premier has let the community down.

MARRA wrote to the Premier informing him of a major failure in governance and we expected a proper response to the urgent and serious matters raised, MARRA President Bodhi McSweeney said today.

“Instead the Premier hasn’t even bothered to personally respond and effectively thumbed his nose at the Meander community,” said Ms McSweeney.

“MARRA wrote to the Premier in good faith calling for him to intervene in the flawed process of handing over the Meander Primary school to a faith-based cult, so called Teen Challenge.

“We have raised some very serious concerns that go to the failure of due process by both Minister Rockliff and the Meander Valley Council.

“This failure of process has seen the community shut out from the enormous potential that the school has to offer into the future, as well as exposing the Meander community to the dangers posed by an unregulated and amateur drug rehabilitation centre smack bang in the middle of our village.

“Premier Hodgman must accept responsibility for disposing of public property in such an inappropriate way and causing division and a high level of anxiety to our community.

“We had hoped the Premier would show the leadership that both Minister Rockliff and Meander Valley Mayor, Craig Perkins have failed to show and to step in and right the wrong before it escalates any further.

“Instead it seems that the Premier is just like the rest of them, his response is a farce and obviously he doesn’t care about the damage done to our community.

“MARRA will never give up in our fight to have our School returned to community use.”

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Attachment 1:  MARRA letter to Premier
Attachment 2:  Attachment to MARRA’s letter to the Premier
Attachment 3:  Email from Premier’s office to MARRA
Attachment 4:  Minister Rockliff’s reply to MARRA


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