To The Honourable Sarah Courtney,

RE: Development Application for Southwood Fibres Export Facility, Strathblane.

I am profoundly disappointed that the crown has given consent for the application over crown lands to be submitted to the Huon Valley Council for the above mentioned facility. 

As you are aware we do not currently have a democratically elected council & in my opinion to allow a decision that will have such an enormous impact on local character & industries is unconscionable. 

How can one person decide what is the best direction for the whole of the Huon Valley when she has nothing to lose should this proposal goes ahead.

Our area has been going from strength to strength with tourism & aquaculture working together to provide new future for people in the area. 

This development threatens both!

I am a self employed Architect & am turning work away as I can’t keep up with the work on offer. 

Many people are moving here to start new lives & to invest locally in our economy.  This development will take away from so many who have put their heart & sole into building this community. 

This is not the direction this valley needs or wants to go.

Please listen to the people of the south & refuse to allow this seriously backward step for our community.

Kind Regards,

Gillian Richards

Vanishing Point Design