Federal Member for Bass, Ross Hart says that “this most recent period in Australia’s parliament is beyond disappointing to me, denying all of our rights to participate in a healthy democracy, with the cancellation of Question Time. The Government ceased to function”.

“Australians deserve an outward looking government focused on Australians not on the careers or ambitions of politicians”.

“For the past 3 years we have witnessed a Government unable to get legislation through their own party room, let alone through the parliament”.

“The expectation of Australians is for a government that is focused on the future, on addressing the growing cost of living, energy prices, and ensuring we have properly funded schools and hospitals, infrastructure for a growing population, and properly skilled work force”.

“I’ve sat in Parliament to be lectured by this new Prime Minister about the importance of tax cuts to large corporations -  new Prime Minister, same out of touch Liberals. 

“Scott Morrison should drive down now to Yarralumla and give the Australian people a say by calling an election, because it is very clear that the Liberal party have given up governing,” said Mr Hart.