• Predatory behaviour of the poker machine industry exposed        
• Does Will Hodgman condone the tactics used to make gamblers lose more?   
• Labor is committed to improving the health of communities by removing poker machines

Premier Will Hodgman must today say whether he condones the predatory behaviour of poker machine venues exposed by whistle-blowers.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said the tactics used to make gamblers lose more is disgusting.

“The poker machine industry has been exposed,” Mr Bacon said.

“The predatory behaviour exposed by whistle blowers inside Woolworths’ should be condemned.

“The company owns poker machine pubs in Tasmania. Does Will Hodgman condone this type of behaviour?

“The “whatever it takes” directive to staff in poker machine venues to make sure gamblers lose as much as possible is truly disgusting.

“Will the Premier call it out or will he continue to cosy up to the gambling lobby?

“The wheels are falling off the pro poker machine lobby with three days left until the election. The head of their campaign this morning pulled out of a planned debate two minutes before it was due to begin.

“He was obviously afraid to get questions on the shameful behaviour exposed in his industry.

“Labor wants to improve the health of Tasmanian communities by removing poker machines by 2023.

“It’s not only the right thing to do in terms of social and health outcomes, it’s a good economic decision.”