• Tasmanian women need to know details of new termination service
• It shows complete disregard for women’s health
• The Government continues to drag its feet on this important issue

Health Minister Michael Ferguson must reveal details of a new service to provide Tasmanian women with access to terminations in Tasmania.
The Minister failed to answer Labor’s questions on the five-year deal in Parliament today.
Shadow Health Minister, Sarah Lovell, said this was indicative of the Minister’s complete disregard for women’s health.
“It is completely unacceptable that the Minister is proposing to have resolved this issue when he has no idea of any of the details,” Ms Lovell said.
“We need to know where the service will be located, how much it will cost, how frequently the service will be provided and how women access it.
“How can we have any faith in the Minister’s ability to deliver for women in this state when he clearly can’t even provide the details of a service he claims will resolve the current crisis?
“Michael Ferguson has been so determined in getting his own way in blocking access to terminations that for the past 9 months, Tasmanian women have been forced to travel interstate to access the service.”