Voters in the forthcoming Legislative Council elections are being asked to say ‘NO’ to the Green social reform agenda.

The Save Marriage Coalition is distributing flyers in all three Legislative Council divisions to make its views known.

Guy Barnett, Spokesperson said people are fed up with Tasmania being used as a social experiment at the expense of our economy. Parliament must get its priorities right. Business is struggling, unemployment rising and the community suffering. Marriage is a cornerstone of a strong and stable society and an umbrella under which children are nurtured and can flourish. ‘Same-sex marriage’ denies a child the right to both a Mum and a Dad.

Marriage is a federal, not a state issue and your Legislative Councillor can’t change that.

Section 51(21) of the Constitution says so. Same-sex marriage was debated and overwhelmingly defeated in the federal parliament last year. Both the Prime Minister and leader of the Opposition stand against same-sex marriage. Last year it was also debated and defeated in the Legislative Council.

We are asking the community to stand up to those supporting the green social reform agenda for the sake of our children, to protect marriage and for our economy. We are asking the community to put the greens last.

We started distributing the flyers last Friday in Hobart (Nelson and Pembroke), and the feedback so far has been very encouraging. We hope to get the flyers to every home by mid this week.