The Greens’ Alternative Budget Statement 2014-15 has identified new Revenue and Savings means the Greens will reverse the Hodgman Budget’s damaging cut to public sector jobs and wage freeze (amounting $374.3 million); and cover all their costed March election commitments which totaled approximately $239 million, Greens Leader and Treasury spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

The Greens’ Alternative Budget Statement 2014-15 delivers:

• Avoids Liberals’ 700 Public Sector Job Cuts and Wage Freeze

• All Greens’ March Election Commitments Funded

• Kicks-Starts Long Term Structural Reform

“The Tasmanian Greens Alternative Budget Statement 2014-15 delivers all our election promises, saves 700 public sector workers jobs and their wage agreements, and commences the long term structural reforms necessary to protect the Tasmanian economy and our quality of life,” Mr Booth said.

“The Liberals move to sack 700 public sector workers is ideological and unnecessary and is based on a “pin the tail on the donkey game” rather than a rational, critical appraisal of the public services Tasmanians need.”

“The Liberals have sacrificed good public sector workers on the altar of ideology and to pay for their extravagant promises which they made to buy their way into power.”

“We have re-prioritised budget expenditure and as well as delivering all our financially responsible election commitments, we have retained all 700 public sector workers targeted for the Liberal axe and also retained their wage agreements.”

“The Greens have also faced up to the long term structural problems facing the Tasmanian economy which are the massive debts hidden in the total state sector, ie, GBE’s SOC’s and the massive $5.5 billion unfunded superannuation liability.”

“The Greens will fund an independent State Finances and Taxation Review, which will have as part of its brief an examination of the Government Business Enterprise and State Owned Company risks including the massive unfunded superannuation liability.”

“The Greens self- funding Pokie-free Tasmania strategy will see the community finally rid of these dangerous and destructive machines.”

“Interestingly the Liberals have now adopted our six year rolling deficit policy and their budget papers identifies exactly the same economic growth of 1.5% as the last financial year.”

“We have delivered a budget that cares for the community, protects our beautiful places and lifestyles and builds on our clean green comparative and increasingly, competitive advantages.”

“We demonstrate there is a different and more constructive way than the Hodgman Liberal government’s way,” Mr Booth said.


DOWNLOAD: The Greens Alternative Budget Statement 2014-15, released September 2014.