 Government desperate to dress up dud plantation sale deal    
 Benefit to health tiny compared to the Liberals’ own cuts      

The Government’s claim that its dud plantation sale deal is a windfall for the health system doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said it’s a drop in the ocean compared to what the Liberals have cut and diverted away from the health budget.

“The Liberals are trying to distract from their dud sale deal by saying it’s good news for the health system,” Mr Bacon said.

“Any new investment in health is welcome but it’s a drop in the ocean compared to the $210 million the Liberals cut from health in their first budget.

“They’re only putting back in a little bit of what they took out.

“And their smokescreen that forestry money is being diverted to run the health system is dishonest.

“The Government transferred $30 million from TasNetworks to Forestry Tasmania and has now taken on its superannuation liability.

“The Government is absorbing the costs associated with taking on $158.2 million worth of superannuation liability.

“There’s a crisis in our hospital system that will take more than a one-off $15 million payment to fix.

“Labor has committed an additional $88 million to health across three years to ease the enormous pressure on our hospitals.”