Greens Treasury spokesperson, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, welcomes the end of the corporate tax cut Bill.

Senator Whish-Wilson said, “This is a victory for civil society over corporate interests. A cut to corporate tax would undoubtedly lead to cuts to the social safety net and public services for all Australians.
“Corporations are already not paying their fair share and Australia must forever refuse to join the global race to the bottom on company tax rates.

“The Greens pushed for and won a tax cut for small business, for those earning under $2 million, to help level the playing field against big business, and have put forward a public investment infrastructure package that would support employment and the economy.

“If we want to invest in addressing our real challenges, from renewable energy to mental healthcare, or from the protection of our endangered species to providing public transport in our cities, then we need big business to pay sufficient tax.

“Historians watching the defeat of the Government’s attempt to transfer billions from the public to the corporate sector, as their Government falls apart, prompts memories of the self-interested rulers during the fall of the Roman Empire.

“It’s time for a new start for this country. It’s time to move past this bullshit and get on with dealing with the challenges the planet faces, rather than the challengers facing each other in the Liberal party room,” he concluded.