• Assaults against Tasmanians increase as government fails to provide protection
• Assaults against police officers rising
• Mandatory sentencing threats by government not acting as deterrent
Police Minister Michael Ferguson is again trying to con Tasmanians on crime rates with the latest release of statistics showing the number of people – and police officers – who were the victims of assault increasing significantly.
Shadow Police Minister Shane Broad said the 2017-18 Crime Statistics Supplement released today showed the number of assaults in Tasmanian climbed from 2,800 to 2,998 over the year, an increase of seven per cent.
Dr Broad said importantly the number of assaults committed against police officers increased by 15 per cent, proving that the Hodgman Liberal Government’s mandatory sentencing mantra was not acting as a deterrent.
“What the statistics demonstrate is that clearance rates are up and police are to be congratulated on that but crime continues to increase under this government,” Dr Broad said.
“From 2005 to 2013 crime rates were decreasing every year - as soon as the Liberals came to government, the trend was reversed and crime increased.
“Despite Michael Ferguson’s rhetoric about being tough on crime, this government is not being smart on crime.
“All of Michael Ferguson’s talk around mandatory sentencing protecting police officers is just not effective.
“This move by the government is not protecting the police officers the government claimed it would.
“Michael Ferguson has today cherry-picked the statistics claiming the government is tough on crime and is protecting Tasmanians.
“The figures actually show nothing could be further from the truth.”