The Hodgman Liberal Government is pursuing our law and order agenda and that includes stronger tools for our police to crack down on serious and organised crime in Tasmania.
I will soon be introducing a Bill to further refine Tasmania’s Crime (Confiscation of Profits) Act to ensure that our laws provide the tools that are needed to combat organised crime.
In our first term of Government, we introduced a range of effective tools in the Removal of Fortifications Act that allow Tasmania Police to disrupt attempts by organised crime groups to conceal their criminal activities in fortified clubhouses.
We also implemented the Confiscation of Profits Unit, focused on disrupting criminal activity by reducing the profitability of crime and removing the financial means to commit crime from criminals and their associates.
Since the Unit’s establishment in October 2015, in excess of $3 million has been seized from criminals and criminal organisations.
This means less money in the pockets of criminals, and confirms the Unit is a crucial tool in the fight against serious organised crime.
These figures show our methods are working, and only the Hodgman Liberal Government will continue to take action and get results.
Our strong law and order agenda stands in stark contrast to the efforts of the Labor Party who sacked 108 police officers, opposed tougher sentences for child sex offences, and last week tried to delay debate on legislation to crack down on organised crime groups.