Today a group of local climbers will establish a suspended camp on the Organ Pipes of kunanyi/Mt. Wellington, 1100 metres above sea level, on the planned route of the cable car to protest the proposed development.

The group will be sleeping suspended on the 100 vertical metre cliff face to send a clear message to the community and to the Mount Wellington Cable Car Company.

Spokesperson for the climbing group, Simon Bischoff is urgently calling for the community to take a stand against the decisions being made about the mountain, and come along to the Mountain MayDay at Cascade Gardens this Sunday.

Mr. Bischoff expressed grave concern over the lack of transparency so far and says that the cable car proposal is out of step with public opinion, stating:

“This proposed development is going to trash Brand Tasmania. We are one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world because people want to see nature and breathe our fresh air. If they want to take a ride in a theme park they can go to Disney Land!”

Dramatic images and video footage of the cliff-sleep are expected to be broadcast around the world to highlight the magnificent organ pipes, and the danger of their desecration.

“The State Government has given the go-ahead for drilling works to commence right on the edge of our organ pipes, with the proposed cable car involving bus-sized cable cars travelling directly over the pipes to a massive, multi-story building on the summit”, Mr. Bischoff stated.

Several anti-cable car groups are already protesting the proposed development, with public interest growing by the day.