Tasmanian Labor is calling on Premier Will Hodgman to finally come clean over arrangements to cover up the Damien Mantach credit card scandal.

“It is just not believable or credible that Mr Hodgman didn’t know about negotiations with Mr Mantach because he was and still is a member of the Liberal Party’s State Executive which is responsible for the affairs of the party,” Mr Green said.

“The question is, when did Mr Hodgman first become aware of these murky arrangements to pay back the money and cover-up the scandal from Liberal members?

“Was it at the time the negotiations were going on with Mr Mantach or at some other time during the seven years it was covered-up? 

“It’s a very simple question Mr Hodgman.

“Mr Hodgman has been on the back foot since the scandal broke and has even instructed journalists not to ask legitimate questions that are in the public interest.

“If Tasmanians are to trust the Premier of this State they deserve answers.

“Attempts to silence Party members at this weekend’s Liberal State conference will not make the credit card cover-up go away.

“Party President Geoff Page is telling members a ‘sensible decision’ was made to ‘negotiate’ the repayment of the money by Mr Mantach.

“Why would the Party have to negotiate repayment of the money?
“Did the Party threaten to go to police if Mr Mantach refused to repay the money?

Section 234 of the Criminal Code states: “Any person who steals anything is guilty of a crime.”

“Repaying or returning any item that was stolen does not absolve a person of committing an act of stealing.

“And attempts to conceal a crime, is a crime itself.”

Section 102 of the Criminal Code reads: “Any person who solicits, receives, or obtains, or agrees to receive or obtain, any property or benefit of any kind for himself or any other person, as a consideration for any agreement or understanding that he will compound or conceal a crime, or will abstain from, discontinue, or delay a prosecution for a crime, is guilty of a crime.”