Action on global warming more urgent than ever

Rumours of a global warming policy backflip from Kevin Rudd are a worrying sign of a race to brown down our attempts to tackle pollution, Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne said in Canberra today.

“It’s more urgent than ever to stand up to the big polluters and tackle global warming,” Senate Milne said.

“Only the Greens can be trusted to care for the environment and future generations, whether it’s keeping a price on pollution, investing in clean energy or protecting our precious places.

“Australians want to change to an economy based on clean energy and the price on pollution is helping us get there.

“In the 11 months from July 2012 to May 2013, carbon pollution from the National Electricity Market was down by around 7.4 per cent compared to the same period in 2011-12.

“Any changes to the regime in place seriously jeopardises clean energy investment and risks destabilising the market.

“In the past few weeks the US and China have announced big plans to tackle global warming. Australia needs to do more to tackle global warming to ensure we have a safe environment and stable economy.

“Now is not the time for walking backwards on the global climate challenge.”