I have written to Kevin Rudd indicating that I will provide him confidence in the House of Representatives in the event that her Excellency the Governor-General commissions him as Prime Minister.

It’s not my business to takes sides in the Labor Party leadership.

But I’ve come to the conclusion that the public interest is best served by a smooth transition to the new Prime Minister.

So I will not support any no-confidence motion in the Government or in the Prime Minister simply on the basis of this leadership change.

A federal election is scheduled for 14 September. Certainty, and the public interest, is not served by a no-confidence vote undoubtedly leading to a snap House of Representatives election.

An election before 3 August would necessitate a subsequent half-Senate election within 12 months at an additional cost to the Australia taxpayer of $150m.

I hope my cross-bench colleagues move quickly to state their positions on tonight’s developments because it’s not in the national interest to now have a long period of uncertainty.