Re: Ending Homelessness ASAP

Dear Premier Hodgman,

Tasmania has a strong economy, and this should make our society stronger.

Why, then, is housing becoming unaffordable for many Tasmanians, and homelessness increasing as the economy grows.

There is something very warped in the current approach to progress, when children are made homeless and forced onto the street.

I suggest that the simple and direct solution to the housing crisis in Tasmania, is to deliver an end to homelessness on this island.

Ending homelessness also needs to be a national undertaking.

With this in view, I have launched a petition with, directed to the Federal Parliament in Canberra, which at last count had attracted 130 signatures. ~

If all Tasmanian politicians called on Canberra to end homelessness, ASAP, that action could not be ignored.

My article in support of the petition, included below, has been published in the Tasmanian Times. ~

In an earlier article ~ Fixing the Housing Crisis ~ I explore the prospect of an island-wide solution, which would create work across the island, and connect country towns to the cities. ~

In this mix an island-wide housing and transport solution can evolve.

Providing land for houses fuels real estate.

Providing homes can include houses that can be moved, where and when they are needed.

A mobile solution to housing in the mix of fixing the housing crisis, and ending homelessness, will help avoid city-bound migration, and also defuse the casino economy that is driving up rents.

Can we discuss a working alternative to the current warped approach to progress, which creates winners, but also drives a housing crisis and homelessness?

The housing crisis has hit Ross, as there is no rental accommodation available, which forces people to move to cities like Hobart.

One family nearly had to move out of Ross recently, when the house they we leasing for a home ended, and the owner decided to turn the property into a holiday place.

Lucky for them, an empty house was found that was being restored.

You may have read how the housing crisis has hit New Norfolk, with rents skyrocketing.

How many country towns are now feeling the pain?

This is the recipe to drive further homelessness, even for people with employment and children.

Decide to end homelessness, and the demands on how we make that happen will build a stronger society.

All Tasmanians can be invited to work together to end homelessness.

We need to look at country towns, like Ross, and figure out a cost effective ways to provide rental accommodation.

I hope you will consider a plan for a stronger society.

A comment following the petition by Renae Ewings reads ~
“A single mum working should have a roof over her head in Tasmania. This ridiculous shortage of houses and massive rent prices has to [be] managed better.”

A warped approach to progress puts children at risk on the street, where they can be targeted by abusers, or fall into a life of crime, in and out of prison.

A homeless teenager breaking into a house looking for food and money may commit a horrible crime, destroying many lives.

Finland added up the cost of warped progress, and found it cost lest to provide homes, than allow homelessness.

Why have we been choosing the more expensive option, of allowing homelessness?

Applied compassion and being responsible is a more cost-effective option.

Ending homelessness will make Tasmania safer for all children.

Yours sincerely,

Kim Peart

Authorised by: J Bolton, 39A Bridge Street, Ross, 7209, Tasmania