The State Government is coming to Beaconsfield to “hear your ideas and listen to your views” about issues and concerns in the Tamar region.

“Having deliberately excluded the population of the Tamar Valley from all consideration during the corrupted pulp mill approval process this belated attempt by State Labor to engage with the community is a cynical attempt to gain some votes in the forthcoming state election,” stated Bob McMahon, TAP spokesperson.

“The Premier must be seriously deluded if he thinks we have forgotten his “line in the sand” statement of no more Government support for the pulp mill and Treasurer Aird’s trip to Europe at our expense to spruik the mill to potential financiers”.

“We intend to make Team Bartlett’s trip to Beaconsfield a memorable one but not for the reasons they may anticipate”, said McMahon.

“TAP Into A Better Tasmania has organized a real Community Forum outside the Beaconsfield Primary School in opposition to the sham Government one inside. Members of the public are invited to have a say on the soapbox of democracy to the assembled crowd outside and the politicians hiding inside.”

“Not only are people invited to speak for 2 minutes we have also requested that people bring their rage, their drums, bells, whistles, pots and pans because we intend to express our righteous anger and drum this failed government out of office. The gloves are off,” continued McMahon.

“We invite the community to voice their concerns over the biggest single threat to jobs, clean air, health, property values, investments, established businesses and lifestyles in the Tamar as well as to the damage done to our democracy by Labor (and Liberal) politicians who are not interested in protecting the public.”

“State Labor is brazenly working for Gunns and is actively working against the best interests of the people.”

“Our message for the upcoming state election is PUT LABOR LAST. This is a message we will drum throughout the state in the months to come,” concluded McMahon.

The TAP Day of Action kicks off at 11am in Grubb St outside the Beaconsfield Primary School.