JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has responded to Prime Minister Turnbull’s and Family First Senator Bob Day’s plan to negotiate the ABCC Legislation through the Australian Senate.

Clip below to view YouTube response ...


“In relation to the ABCC legislation, a few important points have to be made:

1.    The Law Council of Australia got it right. The ABCC is very bad legislation - which undermines some basic civil rights and freedoms.

I will not vote for legislation, which allows public servants to put Australian citizens in jail – because those citizens wish to exercise their right to silence.

2.    More corruption occurs in banking, finance, insurance and government departments than in the civil construction industry …

If you want to treat Australians equally with the same rule of law for all – then there must be a Commonwealth anti-corruption body – a federal ICAC, which can target all corruption.

3.    On behalf of Tasmania - I’m happy to negotiate with the PM directly in relation to any legislation on its merits – and my state’s best interests.

Bob Day is free to make decisions for himself and his own state – but the problem for Bob is that his voting record shows he should just join the Liberal party – or rename his party from Family First to - Rich Family First.

Because Bob has voted with his liberal friends to take $30B of education, health and social entitlements from Australia’s poor – while allowing their rich Liberal mates to escape paying a fair share of tax.

And unlike Bob Day – I’m not scared of a DD election.” said Senator Lambie.