The Tasmanian Greens today expressed concern that Commonwealth funds have yet to be secured to ensure the Fox Eradication program continues, and have called on Federal Labor and Liberal parties to commit to its ongoing funding.

Greens Environment spokesperson, Cassy O’Connor MP, described the Fox Taskforce’s work as crucial in the protection of our native fauna as well as our agricultural industry from the threat of foxes, and committed to lobby for continued funding for the program.

“An investment in preventing the establishment of foxes in Tasmania is an investment in protecting our farmers and our native wildlife,” Ms O’Connor said.

“The Greens are very concerned that the current federal funding of this dedicated defence against the invasion of foxes has run its course, and that we are waiting to hear whether the State is successful in its next grant application.”

“We recognise the current restructure will retain the monitoring aspect of the program while putting a hold on its baiting work, however the Greens are concerned that this could be taking our foot off the pedal due to financial constraints, instead of being based on sound evidence and rationale.”

“We stand by our belief a precautionary approach is needed when addressing serious threats like the risk of foxes gaining a foothold in our state.”

“The cost of not remaining vigilant far outweighs the devastating impact that foxes would have on our vulnerable native species.”

“Foxes are a major pest for farmers on the mainland and letting them into Tasmania would be at the disadvantage of our agricultural industry.”

“As I understand it, the State has applied for further funding of this project and I urge both the Liberals and Labor to pressure their federal counterparts to commit to securing an ongoing investment in Tasmania’s status as fox-free.”

“If foxes were to establish a sustainable population in Tasmania, you could say goodbye to our Devils, Quolls and a number of bird and small mammal species. The very species that make Tasmania such a drawcard for nature lovers.”

“The Greens advocated the establishment of the current Invasive Species Branch, and the Fox eradication program plays a crucial role within that unit’s goal of ensuring and keeping Tasmania fox-free.”