Image for World Heritage Desecration

Before the removal of the sign ...

After the removal of the sign ...

First standing tree cut ...

First standing tree remnants ...

Second standing tree cut ...

Second standing tree remnants ...

Trees felled by Forestry Tasmania for access road ...

Trees left after firewood salvage ...

Readers will recall that in June 2013, after a 4.5 year battle with Forestry Tasmania, Coupe BA388D (or at least a large part thereof) was declared a World Heritage Area by UNESCO.

At that time, delighted that I was, I asked that the World Heritage Area sign be reinstated on Highland Lakes Road on the entry road to my property.


Successive Forestry and Environment Ministers (Green/Wightman and Harriss/Groom) have failed to deliver a very simple request, despite a few attempts.

Indeed a visit I hosted by the delightfully dense Mark Shelton in May 2014 resulted in this garbage from Eric Hutchinson:

Now I am confronted with local firewood seekers traversing my road and destroying the peace of my weekends with chainsaw noise as they disperse the fallen “HUMUNGOUS” trees that were felled by FT to build the access road in to the coupe. See photos below.

Annoying but probably passing and peripheral some would say as they run out of already felled timber.

No, because now the same firewood scavengers are felling standing trees on the western side of the access road to secure more timber. More photos below.

This is World Heritage Area (and before Shelton/Hutchinson go “but this is not wilderness”), due many specific reasons, not the least of which is FTD Free Devils, Indigenous rock shelters and European history, it DOES QUALIFY for the UNESCO listing.

So I have emailed yet another appeal to Minister Groom, Minister for the Environment, Parks and Heritage, and responsible for ensuring WHA is protected.  PUT THE BLOODY WHA SIGN BACK!

And I have copied it to all and sundry so they can see the Ministers tardiness. Well it did take him 5 plus months to appoint a Coordinator General who is still not in operation.

Hodgman Government = OPEN FOR BUSINESS = NOT!