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The interest in Mr Andrew Nikolic MP’s cosseted past ( Who is Andrew Nikolic, Member of Parliament for Bass? ) is not as relevant as his performance in the present ... and a pattern is emerging.

Mr Nikolic has launched an attack on tax deductibility for donations to environmental groups and intends taking this to a parliamentary vote.

It is a particular nerve he intends to tweek – a visceral hatred that exists electorally, in parts, against green politics.

But this is not about environmental politics. This is a finely targeted attack that masks its real intention – to shut down opinion Mr Nikolic dislikes.

Tax deductibility for what amounts to ‘political’ activity is extremely broad.

The Liberal’s Menzies House and Labor’s Chiffley House both attract tax deductibility for donations as does the Murdoch creation, the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA), a highly intrusive Liberal think tank.

All these are obviously politically active but Mr Nikolic singles out environmental organizations as they present such a crude political target.

The reason I stand resolutely against the machinations of Mr Nikolic is his highly personal attempt to silence my political opinion by leaning on my employer.

It was petty, malicious and pointless. He picked the wrong person.

Now he is attempting to muffle the voice of environmental groups. These are the methods of jackboot politics and have no place in our polity.

Let us be clear. This is not about green groups but about shutting down effective free speech and opinion that Mr Nikolic finds odious.

• Jack Jolly, in Comments: Has anyone asked Nikolic if he intends to extend the review to church NGOs as well? I have long been concerned by the illegal protests against abortion businesses. I’m sure that as a fair minded person that he will be prepared to come out supporting abortion clinics as well as reproductive rights for women. Tax dollars should not be used to support them either, if ENGO protest against businesses are illegal. I’m also sure that sex workers would like their local ‘member’ to support their business enterprises against church discrimination. Perhaps a letter needs to be written to ask and then be posted on TT?

• Chris Harries, in Comments: If Andrew Nikolic only knew it, environmental advocates these days spend the vast majority of time and effort engaging in government processes. Writing submissions to inquiries. Engaging in stakeholder meetings. Remediation programs. Part of me knows that it may be healthy for environmental groups to be disabled by starving them of essential funds, because this will throw environmentally concerned people out onto the streets and this, in turn, will encourage a more strident type of direct activism. This is an irony that I think Nikolic will not see, except maybe in hindsight. Or maybe this is what he wants to see happen, divisiveness being politically opportune?

• Carol Rea, in Comments: HERE ... is the link to the 7.30 Report Garry. Nikolic started the process.