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Following on from their inventions of “flavour capsules” in filters to provide faster addiction for new smokers, such as children adolescents and young adults - PMI are marketing the most terrifying new product internationally.

If you thought your smartphone or computer might breach your privacy, these inventions can alter your nicotine dose to meet your addiction requirements – remotely – and keep the data somewhere centrally – so they know what you are doing.

New scary inventions.

Philip Morris’ new heat not burn product IQOS uses advanced microchip technologies, firmware, informatics, and in test products in Japan and Switzerland Bluetooth, WiFi and other communication mechanisms to transmit individual users behaviour and other information to central computers for possible merger with mega data basis to conduct via the IQOS display or paired smart phone: e commerce, social connectivity, monitoring of topography for creating new programs for the device to individualize its conception of an ideal nicotine dosing pattern, cue responsivity, marketing including advertising, sponsorship, couponing, training on use, identification of the user’s location, etc.

IQOS is designed with four basic microchip functions: a sensing chip that collects data on the user topography and transmits it to a second chip that stores the data. The data is the transferred to a third set of chips that employ an embedded algorithm to modify an existing program that controls battery and heating elements to replicate a pattern of nicotine yield different from the draw of the. user that replicates that of a conventional combusted cigarette. At the conventional burn temperature of combustible tobacco 800 C.-900 C. it appears that the smoker has great elasticity in the ability to self-dose at an optimal manner versus an END where the heating temperature is 300 C. At this temperature, nicotine is low to aerosolize, in mass marketed ECs appear to create aerosols that quickly deposit in the mouth and not lung and do not produce a spike effect. The battery often lacks the mAMPHs to create enough wattage for every puff taken and yield varies.

Based on a review of these data it is strongly suggested that IQOS is similar to a “Self Driving” car where the manufacturer controls delivery, enhances the patent of delivery (short, small aerosol doses of high nicotine content, 20- 30 second quick drop off in nicotine yield to allow a 2- 30 second puff interval, with a large (2,000 m ill amp hour battery) that allows rapid recharging and repeated dosing at the same yield and deposition of nicotine by the Heat Stick. This pattern of reinforcement is like a conventional cigarette and dosing of Crack Cocaine and Heroin IV.

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Acknowledgment - information from : Prof Greg Connolly DMD, MPH, Professor Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts.

*Dr. Kathryn Barnsley is the Labor candidate for Franklin for the State Election.