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Last night, Animal Liberation Tasmania projected newly-exposed footage from Cradoc Hill Abattoir onto the butcher they supply to, Huon Valley Meat Co, while simultaneously holding a candlelight vigil.

Displayed next to the company’s billboard, an image of raw meat, the footage showed the forgotten process of how this product actually comes to be. Volunteers of the animal rights organisation also held candles as a mark of respect to the lives lost at the facility.

Cradoc Hill Abattoir is now the third Tasmanian slaughterhouse to be exposed in a year. Almost exactly one year ago, egregious cruelty to pigs, cows and sheep was uncovered at Gretna Quality Meats, a small-scale local abattoir.

Just over 6 months ago Tasmanian Quality Meats was exposed, with footage of shocking cruelty to sheep and bobby calves proving animal welfare breaches are also commonplace at large export-grade abattoirs.

Now, proudly dubbed an “ethical abattoir”, the footage from Cradoc Hill shows improper stunning techniques and physical and verbal abuse of cows, sheep and pigs. Furthermore, it shows terrified animals trying to escape, only to be met with sheer disrespect and mockery of their plight by employees of the facility.

For a business in which “paddock-to-plate” is their mantra, it may come as an uncomfortable truth to clients, including the notable name of Matthew Evans – the Gourmet Farmer ( Here ), that the promise of happy slaughter is an impossible one to keep. 

With no action yet taken against Gretna Quality Meats or Tasmanian Quality Meats ( TT here ) by the authorities, Animal Liberation Tasmania is now calling for the Tasmanian community to use its power as consumers to hold these facilities accountable.

“What this footage displays, more than anything, is that animals want to live just as much as you or I or anyone else,” states Animal Liberation Tasmania campaign director, Mehr Gupta. “The slaughter industry, by definition, will never be ethical. By simply choosing not to support it we can create a kinder world.”

The footage, an investigation by Aussie Farms and Animal Liberation Tasmania, can be viewed at

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• Pam Ison in Comments: I know many Animal Lib protesters and every single one is vegan (including me).  They’re not hypocrites like some are accusing. They’re incredibly lovely, gentle people who care about people as well as animals and luckily the vast majority are young, so hopefully there will be better times ahead than the misery of farmed animals that most current middle-aged and old people support.