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AEU Federal President Angelo Gavrielatos said AEU representatives had spoken with many MPs during their visit to Canberra, and it was disappointing that the three Tasmanian Liberal MPs were the most hostile and least willing to listen to concerns about schools funding.

“We spoke to many Coalition MPs who were willing to give us a fair hearing, and who expressed their own concerns about the lack of support for students with disability. It is a pity that Mr Nikolic was unable to show the same understanding, and properly represent his constituents who are concerned about the state of Tasmania’s public schools.”

“It is disappointing to see him repeating the Abbott Government’s line that it is increasing funding to Tasmanian schools, he should listen to Tasmania’s Liberal Education Minister Jeremy Rockliff, who confirmed that Tasmanian public schools will lose $264 million in the next decade as a result of the Budget cuts to education, and the Government’s failure to honour its full Gonski agreement with the States.”