Image for Liberal Trolls attack Dr Powell again

*Pic: Police are called as Andrew Nikolic takes issue with greens’ protesters in Launceston’s Mall ( TT here )

As a result of the Tasmanian Times article on Mr Nikolic complaining to his employer of Dr Michael Powell’s* published views ( TT here: Dr Powell, The Examiner letter and Mr Nikolic MP ), the attack has been renewed with a flood of complaints sent to his employer.

When told of this Dr Powell said he had not been informed of further complaints but said he was not surprised.

“Whenever I write a letter it is not always Mr Nikolic who responds but one of the Liberal Elves and Santa’s Little Helpers”. 

Dr Powell said they have not understood the issue.

“This is about the right to free speech unfettered by attempts to silence opinion by targeting employers.

“It is reprehensible behaviour.”

“ I have great faith in my employers that they would not succumb to such political intimidation.

“It would not only be illegal, it would be craven surrender to the sort of bullying which has become such a vile part of our politics.”

*Dr Michael Powell JP is a Lecturer in History